YourChoice™ Selection Process


We understand how critical it is that you feel at ease with your caregiver, and that your loved one, your family and your caregiver are compatible. Building meaningful relationships with your caregiver is a vital component to the happiness and successful care of your loved one.

Human beings are unique. We each have different needs, personalities, challenges and preferences. That’s why we created the YourChoice™ Caregiver Selection Process. This process does exactly what it says—it allows you to have the final decision in the selection process. It’s your choice!

We take great care in knowing and training our caregivers, so we will select three caregivers that we recommend based on their specific skills and personalities. But, we will never assume that we know best who will be the ideal match for your loved one. Here’s how the process works:

  1. We schedule a family pre-screening in which we assess your home care needs and inform you about the services we offer. This can be done via telephone or in our office.
  2. We schedule and complete a formal care recipient/family assessment in your home. Based on that assessment, we select three caregivers who we believe would be a compatible match.
  3. We schedule individual in-home interviews with you and our three recommended caregivers.
  4. Once we receive positive feedback from you, the interview process is complete, and we will assign the caregiver you have selected. If at any point, compatibility issues arise, we will immediately address them with you and begin the process again, if necessary.

Cobb’s Home Care Specialists is a non-medical home care agency that provides private home care services for
the senior community. Services that meet North Carolina Medicaid requirements are also available for Medicaid patients.