About Us


Ms. Evelyn CobbIn 2002, when Evelyn Cobb, our mother and grandmother, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, it changed our lives forever. We took on a host of new responsibilities and began the emotional journey that comes with caring for an aging and ill loved one. We quickly discovered what it felt like to walk among a seemingly invisible crowd of caregivers. Love, fear, frustration, compassion, denial, isolation, guilt, stress, even joy, became our friends.

We adjusted our lives, learned about dementia, researched caregiving resources, scheduled doctor’s appointments, hired and fired personal aides, missed work, juggled finances, changed assisted living facilities, suffered health set backs as a result of care, and navigated our way by trial and error. All too frequently, we heard stories from others about how they, too, were experiencing similar challenges and wished they could find caregivers they could trust or someone who could help them navigate through the changes better.

Seven years, four home care agencies and three assisted living facilities later, our own journey with Evelyn Cobb ended. We grieved our loss, but we also rallied together to do something to ensure others wouldn’t have to go through what we went through. No one should have to learn about caregiving by trial and error.

We wanted to help families:

  • find senior home care they could really trust
  • be realistic about planning and managing their caregiving journey
  • receive superior care services from professionals who not only had a passion for serving seniors, but also understood how caregiving affected the entire family’s quality of life

We wanted to provide a service that would be life-changing for families, and we wanted to do so in honor of Evelyn Cobb.

Welcome to Cobb’s Home Care Specialists.  We hope you will find our caregivers to be like family.


Yussef Gilkey, Founder/CEO

Yussef has had a passion for healthcare since becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in 1991. He worked with the disabled for seven years and earned a bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in health care administration. He held a position as an administrative executive in the healthcare field for five years and then in 2006, he founded and operated Myriad Support Services, a successful mental health agency. Yussef has served on the advisory board for Senior Services in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County and is a contributing member of the Association for Home and Hospice Care of North Carolina.

Gwendolyn Lytle, Assistant Administrator

Gwendolyn is a mental health advocate and a North Carolina-certified Peer Specialist. She has more than 10 years of experience working with the elderly and disabled and spent seven years caring for and advocating for her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. She regularly volunteers her time as a consultant for families in need of senior care resources.

Joan Fontaine Kirk-Graham, R.N., Nursing Supervisor/Client Care Coordinator

A registered nurse with more than 38 years of experience, Fontaine brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to Cobb’s Home Care Services in generalized nursing, including communicable disease and elderly care. She spent more than 30 years with the Forsyth County Health Department as a public health and home care nurse. As a home care nurse, she conducted skilled home visits, educational workshops, supervised weekend calls and was the home health hospital coordinator. She graduated from the North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing and holds a nursing degree from Winston-Salem State University.

Tammy Cunningham, Director, Human Resources

Tammy has 13 years of experience in human resources, business administration, leadership, marketing and management. She has contributed to the success of numerous organizations in fields such as staffing and recruiting, real estate investment, event planning and production, higher education and mental health. She has extensive knowledge in designing successful work systems, including employee recruiting and retention; employee development, recognition and motivation; team building; performance appraisal systems; and career and succession planning.

Cobb’s Home Care Specialists is a non-medical home care agency that provides private home care services for
the senior community. Services that meet North Carolina Medicaid requirements are also available for Medicaid patients.